Speeder Turns Turtle

He Was "Notified" to Leave.

Ed McBride returned to the city a week ago today, after an absence of a year and a half. Today he received the following typewritten letter through the postoffice:

Mr. Ed McBride, Jamestown, N.D., Dear Sir: You are hereby notified to leave this city inside of twenty-four (24) hours, or suffer the consequences.


Mr. McBride says in reply to this threat:

"This is my home and that of my mother and child. They live here and I intend to protect myself."

He says he spent last winter working for a rancher near Spokane but most of the time has been doing odd jobs, and on the whole picking up a rather precarious living. Rarely did a job last more than three weeks and he just about made his expenses.

Jamestown Alert, 11/19/1896


Posted 10/11/2013