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Devils Lake Business Man Defends Himself With a Revolver

Devils Lake, N.D., Nov 3—Bob Illingsworth, a blind pigger and local sport, was shot and instantly killed at midnight by T. S. Cordner, city treasurer and prominent business man of this place. The difficulty grew out of some dispute over a money transaction between the parties. Cordner was taking a later support with M. Schnicker, a Grand Forks travelling man, when Illingsworth entered the restaurant and assaulted him. They were separated but Illingsworth again assaulted him, knocking him through a window. He then jumped upon Cordner and was striking him, when Cordner, while down, pulled a pistol and fired. The bullet entered Illingsworth's heart. One Delany, a brother-in-law of Illingsworth, made two assaults upon Cordner during the afternoon, which accounts for the fact that the latter was armed. Illingsworth struck Cordner with a billy, seriously cutting his face. He was also badly injured by the glass of the window. Cordner at once gave himself up and is now awaiting a preliminary examination.

Jamestown Alert, 11/5/1896

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