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Trio of Sleepers, Victims of Coal Gas, Had Narrow Escape.

Souris, N.D., Dec. 19.—A terrible tragedy was narrowly averted when Mr. and Mr. Iver Haugen, who reside on the John Lermon farm northwest of town, and a young son of Ole Guttu, a neighbor, were overcome by coal gas. The three had retired the previous night after filling the stove with coal and shutting off the draught. Some time during the night gas began to escape and the sleepers were overcome. That they did not succumb altogether is a miracle, for their plight was not discovered until after noon the following day when a neighbor happened along and found the trio in an unconscious state. Surmising the cause he immediately phoned for Dr. Alldorson who hurried to the scene and by night fall had Mr. and Mrs. Haugen restored to consciousness and out of danger. It took longer to resuscitate the lad and he has not gotten over the affects but a few days will restore him completely.

Grand Forks Evening Times, 12/19/1911

A Mystery

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