Shut Off The Draught

A Mystery.

A case of mysterious disappearance occurred in town this week before last, which no explanation or solution can be had. A young man about twenty eight years of age, put up at the Farmers' House on Monday, Nov. 18. He had a team and wagon with trunk and valise. He had breakfast Tuesday morning and left immediately afterwards, leaving behind him the horses, wagon, &c., which are still in the custody of Mr. Kemp of the Farmers' House. Diligent inquiry has been made in every direction for the missing man but, as yet, without avail. The team is of medium size, grey color. The trunk and valise contain nothing of any value. The man's conduct and appearance gave no indication of whoat his intention might be. It is possible that he may have got drowned, crossing the river. {remainder illeg.}

Pembina Pioneer Express, 12/7/1883


Posted 01/03/2015