His Bad Habits

Knocked out End of Jail.

Two desperate characters who were drunk and begging money from people on the street were arrested Friday night by Officer Kimball and lodged in the city jail. Judge Murray Saturday morning gave them ten dollars fine each or ten days in jail. They had no money so were remanded to the jail for ten days. A short time afterwards, one of their comrades on the outside of the jail, pried open the window and threw in an axe. The prisoners knocked out the west end of the jail and went out through the room occupied by the fire department and have not been seen since. Minot needs a new jail worse than any other one thing. In the summer it is not safe to lodge a prisoner in the jail for fear he will roast to death and in the winter, the man who comes out of there without being frozen stiff, is a dandy. Let us look ahead to a new city building next summer.

Ward County Independent, 11/11/1903

Victim of Shotgun

Posted 12/30/2014