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Andrew Burlo Suffers Accident Monday While Hauling Hay

Andrew Burlo, a farmer near Wilbur suffered a badly shattered arm Monday morning from the discharge of a shot gun he was carrying on a load of hay.

Burlo was hauling hay to his farm and was carrying the gun on the load when it started to fall to the ground and in pulling it back the lock caught in the hay, the discharge entering at the wrist and the heavy shot tearing the flesh to shreds and shattering the bone in a terrible manner.

He was able to get to his home and Mrs. Burlo improving {sp} a torque on the wounded mans arm hitched to a buggy and started with him to Williston. From the time they were at Bells Ferry until Monday night at ten o'clock, Mr. Murlo was unconscious, hardly a drop of blood remaining in his body.

At the hospital it is stated that he will probably recover but his arm will be shortened if it is saved.

Williston Graphic, 11/2/1911

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