A Good Spanking


What was first thought to have been an attempt at horse stealing, yesterday afternoon, proved to be nothing more than the error of a drunken man.

When P.J. Nelson, a farmer living north of Bismarck, started to go home last night, he found his team gone. The team had been left standing in front of the Union Mercantile company's store. Mr. Nelson asked several people standing by about his team and was told that a man, "slightly under the influence of liquor" had been helped into the wagon a short time before and had started for home. Mr. Nelson hailed an automobile and started after. A short way out of town they met a Bismarck business man and asked him if he had seen anything of the team. He told them that a few minutes before he had seen a man sound asleep on a lumber wagon. They were directed to the place. There they found the erring one peacefully sleeping off the effects of a few hours' hilarity. Nelson took his team and started home and the drunken man was brought back to Bismarck.

Bismarck Tribune, 10/4/1913

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