Anderson, a Brakeman on the Granville Construction Train, Falls Beneath the Pioneer Friday.

Brakeman Anderson, who was on the construction train near Mohall, came within an ace of being killed Friday. The bridle of the construction car had been taken off by some hobo and Anderson missed his footing. He fell beneath the Pioneer and was dragged for two rods or more. The train was not going very fast but this did not make his position any the less perilous. He was carried under the big Pioneer with just barely enough room for his body without being crushed. He says he thought he would surely be killed for he realized his great danger. All of his bad actions in the past came up before him, when the train suddenly stopped and he was taken out. There were holes worn through the soles of his shoes. His clothes were nearly all torn from his body and there is not enough skin on his legs to keep a spider warm. He came to Minot the following day and had his injuries dressed. He was able to walk about with difficulty.

Ward County Independent, 11/18/1903

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