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Passengers on the East Bound Train Last Night Had a Little Shaking Up

Passengers on the rear end of the east-bound train last night had a little shaking up four miles west of Mandan. The trucks on the rear end of the colonist sleeper pulled out from under the coach and left the end of the car down with a shock that woke up the majority of the sleepers and gave them a little scare. The train broke in two and the front end went on to Mandan, and the rear end of the train was left out on the prairie until help could be secured to raise the car and render it possible for the other cars to be moved. The train was delayed several hours by the attempt. It is said Tom Elliot was asleep in the colonist just where the car fell down on the ties and never woke up — and the boys say it shows what a clear conscience he has—to sleep so well.

Bismarck Daily Tribune, 2-5-1900

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