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Thrown From Motorcycle Sidecar Under a Moving Streetcar


An accident occurred at about 10 o'clock on Thursday night, near the corner of Thirteenth street and Fourth avenue north, Fargo, when a motorcycle driven by Lars Lohn ran into a streetcar going north the same way as the motorcycle, with the result that Mrs. Marion Gray was thrown over the front of the sidecar and under the streetcar, which ran over her, fracturing her skull, cutting off her arms and crushing in her chest.

The driver of the car, Lohn, had picked up a party of friends consisting of Mrs. Gray, Miss Mabel and Alice Olson, and Clarence Jognson and the party was traveling north. Lohn says he saw the car and as he neared it he put the brakes, but as the car ran onto some slippery ice at that place, he says, the brake did not hold the motorcycle, with the result that it ran into the street car with considerable force. As Mrs. Gray was sitting on the lap of one of the other women in the sidecar, she received the force of the impact which sent her to her terrible end.

All members of the party were placed under arrest during the night, and held for the hearing which was scheduled for this afternoon.

Following an inquest held this afternoon, the coroner's jury exonerated Lars Lohn from blame for the death of Mrs. Grey, stating that she was killed in an accident which occurred when she was riding in a motorcycle traveling at a high rate of speed and over which Lohn had no control. The man is still held without charge, however, and State's Attorney Horner stated this afternoon that he was not yet certain whether or not he would prosecute on a charge of manslaughter.

Moorhead Daily News, 2/8/1924

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