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Woman Thwarts "Rustlers"

Burke Woman's Quick Action Prevents Horses Being Run Off.

Burke, N.D., Feb 6—The quick wit and keen observation of a woman frustrated the plans of a daring horse "rustler" and resulted in the recovery of the stolen horses, but the horse thief made his escape after firing one ineffective shot at the officers who, put on his trail by the woman, followed him so closely that he was compelled to abandon the stolen animals and make a run for it to prevent his capture.

Mrs. Meter Smith, wife of the proprietor of a store and the postoffice at Mullen, was the heroine of the affair. She had just finished reading a reward placard which had been sent broadcast through Gregory county, announcing a reward for the recovery of a bunch of horse stolen from W.F. Gardner and C.A. Vance, Gregory county ranchers and the capture of the thief, which she glanced out of one of the windows and saw the horses described beign driven past the store.

The Fargo Forum and Daily Republican, 2/6/1915

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