Ghost Party


Monday afternoon, A. J. Dunham and Mrs. Elizabeth Dunham of DeVillo Township were married by Judge Jersin of the county court.

More than thirty years ago these people were happily married in an eastern state. They came to Richland County more than twenty years ago, and opened a large farm, raised a nice family and prospered. But the serpent crept in, misunderstandings arose, and Mr. Dunham left the home which his labor had established.

Six years ago Dunham left the country, and Mrs. Dunham sued for divorce on grounds of desertion. She secured the divorce, but that did not bring happiness. Years passed and both reflected. Their differences gradually grew smaller until they finally disappeared.

One day Dunham, thinking of his family in the west wrote them a letter. An answer was returned, and he wrote again. Letter followed letter, and in one was an invitation to visit the old home. Dunham took the fastest train for the west.

He and Mrs. Dunham talked it all over, and they decided they had made many mistakes and they would rectify them. They came to Wahpeton, and their marriage ends all. Many old friends extend congratulations and best wishes for the future.

Hankinson News, 8/10/1905


Posted 11/01/2014