Murder In Yankton.

Yankton, S.D., Sept. 5—Minnie Sawyer was found dead in bed this morning, having undoubtedly been murdered during the night. Occupants of the adjoining rooms heard her cry out this morning and heard a man leave her room and pass down the hall to the street. There is no further clue.

Bismarck Tribune, 9/5/1893

Minnie B. Sawyer

Minnie B. Sawyer was found dead in her bed at Yankton, S. D., having been brutally murdered by some unknown person or persons. She was strangled by a gingham waist tied about her neck and twisted in a hard knot under her ear, while her hands were held.

The Guthrie Daily Leader 9/6/1893 (source)

Mrs. Minnie Sawyer, Recluse, Strangled.

Yankton, Sept. 5. Mrs. Minnie Sawyer, a woman who has lived a hermit's life in this city for several years, was murdered in cold blood by strangulation. Her apartments were above the principal shoe store of the town. There is no clue to the murderer.

The North Platte Tribune, 9/6/1893

A Maniac Murderer.

Special to the Globe.

Yankton, S. D.,Sept 7.— Louis Sherwood, a grader on the Yankton & Norfolk railway, was today arrested for the murder of Minnie Sawyer, who was found dead in bed Monday. Sherwood has become a raving maniac and has minutely described the murder.

St. Paul Daily Globe, 9/8/1893

Confessed While Delirious.

Yankton, S. D., Sept. 8.—Lewis Sherwood was arrested yesterday morning for the murder of Minnie Sawyer Monday morning. Circumstantial evidence is very strong and his admissions amount to a confession. He has typhoid fever and is delirious most of the time.

Duluth Evening Herald, 9/8/1893

Sherwood Discharged.

Yankton, S. D., Sept. 23.— After a preliminary hearing Louis S. Sherwood, charged with the murder of Minnie Sawyer, three weeks ago. was today discharged. There is no clue to the murder.

St. Paul Daily Globe, 9/24/1893

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