Plane Crash


Fargo, Oct. 3.—Ibey Barnes, the 14-year-old son of Dr. P. M. Barnes, 318 Third Avenue north, narrowly escaped death Tuesday evening, when he came in contact with a live wire carrying 2,500 volts. He is convalescing rapidly, however, and, aside from some burns on his left hand which may trouble him for a time, will soon be completely recovered.

The boy was crossing at the corner at Fourth Street and Third avenue north about 8 o'clock Tuesday evening, and saw Charles V. Arvig, of the Union Light, Heat & Power Co. working with the lamp on the corner.

The lamp had been out of order for several days, and Arvig had just put in a new carbon, and was trying to raise the light again, by means of the pulleys. It stuck, and was swinging near the bround {sp}. The boy thought to stop the lamp's swinging and thus help the electrician, and, not knowing there was current in the wires, he took hold of the lamp. Instantly he was knocked senseless, but it is said that the current held him, and Arvig, who had on his rubber gloves, pulled him away and saved his life. He was taken to his home, unconscious, and remained in that condition for about fifteen minutes.

There was some hemorrhage from the lungs during the night, but that has stopped now, and though it was a very narrow escape, the boy will recover.

Bismarck Tribune, 10/4/1913

Editor note: not only did Ibey survive, he lived another seventy years.

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