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Boy Locates Body of Father, Victim of Cloudburst, Through Vision, Leading Men To Spot

(Special to The Tribune)

Medora, N.D., June 22—Raymond Everetts, the 11-year-old son of Tom Everetts, one of the three victims of the cloudburst near Medora, N.D., located the body of his father after search parties had searched fruitlessly for the past three days.

Young Everetts had a dream in which he saw the place where his father's body lay and insisted that he be taken there as he was positive where it was located. He gave such a vivid description of the location that credence was given to his assertions and he was taken to the spot.

The people looked around the place, he described—a washout near the fence on the right away—and were about to give up but the boy insisted that his father was there and to satisfy him one of the men went to the spot indicated, and just as the boy said he was under the wire in the water and adrift.

The body was in a comparatively good state of preservation considering the fact that it had been so long in the water. The bodies of the other two victims were found yesterday.

This is the second time that young Everetts had a prophetic vision. Several years ago he told the family that an aunt had died and described her death and in a few hours a telegram confirmed his prophecy.

The Bismarck Tribune, 6/22/1921

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