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30 North Dakotans Poisoned By Food At Church Picnic

Four Edgeley Persons Still In Serious Condition But Will Recover


Believe Pressed Chicken, Used for Filling, Caused Epidemic of Ptomaine Poisoning

Edgeley, N.D., June 22—(AP)—About 30 persons are recovering today from ptomaine poisoning caused from eating chicken sandwiches at a church luncheon at a farm home near here last week.

Four persons are still in serious condition, but no fatalities are expected. Illness did not occur until 24 hours after the luncheon at the Mast farm 15 miles north of Edgeley.

Symptoms developed by the patients indicate definitely that they are suffering from ptomaine poisoning and not from botulism, according to hospital attaches here.

The illness was traced to the sandwiches, made of pressed chicken. A sample of the food however could not be obtained today for analysis.

Dr. J.E. Scanlon, Edgeley, the only physician in town at the time of the illness, ministered to the needs of the stricken people.

It is believed the warm weather caused the chicken, prepared the night before, to ferment and develop a poison. The chicken was prepared by removing the bones from the cooked fowl and pressing the meat.

The Ladies Aid Society of the Zion Evangelical church of Edgeley sponsored the dinner at the farm home. Persons from Edgeley and vicinity were present.

A number of children became ill but with less serious effects than adults. The degree of illness appeared to be in proportion to the amount of chicken eaten by those present.

Two persons were taken to a hospital here where they were said to be out of danger Monday, while two others were seriously ill at their homes. A number of others were being treated at their homes near here.

William Boardman, merchant at Deisem, was one of the more seriously ill. He is recovering at the hospital.

The Bismarck Tribune, 6/22/1931

Persons Poisoned at Edgeley Recovering

Edgeley, N.D., June 24.—(AP)—Full recovery of about 30 persons suffering from food poisoning caused by eating chicken sandwiches at a church luncheon near here last week is assured, attending physicians said Tuesday.

Four persons, who became seriously ill, are considered out of danger, while many have already recovered.

Pressed chicken used for sandwiches was believed to have caused the illness of persons who attended a luncheon given on a farm 15 miles north of here by the Ladies Aid society of the Zion Evangelical church of Edgeley.

The Bismarck Tribune, 6/23/1931

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