A Peculiar Case


LANGDON, June 26— The farm buildings of John Penner, on the old Peters farm in Moscow township, and located a half mile east of what was Rosehill postoffice, was destroyed by fire and the worst of it was that their two-months old baby perished in the flames. The buildings consisted of the house and barn under the same roof and some smaller buildings and practically nothing was saved.

It seems that Mrs. Penner was at home alone and was engaged in boiling some linseed oil in preparatory to oiling the floors and had stepped outside for a few moments when the oil boiled over on the stove and when she returned the inside of the rooms were a mass of flames. The baby was asleep in a buggy in one of the rooms, and the mother made desperate effrots {sp} to rescue the child, but was driven back by the flames at every attempt and there was nothing to do but stand helpless while the flames did their awful work.

The building was one of those combination house and barn affairs so commonly built by the Mennonites who first settled in the western part of the county, which custom they bruoght {sp} with them from the old country. The building was erected about ten years ago and was of good size.

The Bismarck Daily Tribune, 6-26-1911

Beaten By Four Men

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