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Peculiar Disease Which Has Carried Off Many Russian Children

Williamsport, N.D., July 29. For some days rumors have come to this village, which is the county seat of Emmons county, that in the southern part of the county a virulent and peculiar disease is raging among the children. Dr. Muench, of the county health board, has just visited the locality. In one neighborhood he found that there had been 18 deaths of children, all among the Russo-German settlers. From reports from other parts of the Russian settlements it appears that between 40 and 50 children have died recently of some peculiar disease believed to have been imported from Russia. The disease is something like diphtheria. It begins with a sore throat, then the face swells and becomes spotted, and death is usually the result. Nearly all attached have died, and those that haven't {illeg.} sight and hearing.

Bismarck Daily Tribune, 7/29/1897

Attempted Suicide

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