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E. R. Welch Creates Some Excitement By Shooting at Himself With a Shotgun Saturday Night

E. R. Welch, a young man in the earlier twenties who has been cooking at the Club restaurant, made an unsuccessful attempt at suicide Saturday night—so unsuccessful that the principal damage done was to the window in the room where the attempt was made. Unrequited or disappointed affected is given as the cause for the young man's attempt to disfigure himself with the charge from a shot gun, which he rested against his hip, pulling the trigger with his tow. His aim was poor and aside from scratching himself slightly with a few pieces of the shot, the major portion of the load passed out through the glass in the window. Welch has been rooming at Mrs. William Walton's residence and the shot alarmed the other inmates and assistance was summoned. Although he was not injured more than slightly in the attempt, Welch lay in an apparently unconscious condition, and remained so for an hour or so, until Dr. Quain by the administration of an emetic brought him to his senses. Welch was then lodged in the county jail.

It is probable the nerve of the young man failed him when it came to shuffling off the coil that he has found burdensome. He left several letters which were taken possession of by the authorities.

Bismarck Daily Tribune, 6/20/1904

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