Family With Baby

Attempted Rape.

Commissioners McNider and Emmons were called upon last Wednesday to render assistance to a young woman who had received severe injuries from some fiend who had attempted to violate her person. It seems that the young woman in question (no names at present) was invited to take a drive out, and she consented. After a short ride he attempted to accomplish his purpose, and was only baffled by main strength. she is now lying in a critical condition, with her person badly bruised, showing marks of violence in several places. She notified the above named gentlemen of her condition and all the circumstances connected therewith, and they immediately caused the arrest of the party that she claims is guilty of the atrocious deed. He is now in jail awaiting a preliminary examination, which will probably be had soon.

Bismarck Tri-Weekly Tribune, 8/31/1877

Never Knew What Hit Him

Posted 09/23/2013