Peculiar Tragedy



Buffalo Citizens Shoot Unidentified Man After Three-Mile Chase Cross Country.

Buffalo. — An unidentified desperado was killed here after a running gun fight over a distance of three miles. Village Marshal W. P. Keepe and George G. Nachtsheim, formerly a football player at Olivet college, Michigan, led a posse of fifty men in the pursuit.

The bandit appeared in the streets of Buffalo. He was six feet tall, wore a flaming red bandanna about his neck, and carried a 45-caliber gun at his belt. He swaggered down the main street and entered a restaurant, where he ordered a meal. This he refused to pay for. When the proprietor demanded money the man drew his gun and said, "I guess this is good enough for you," shooting out two windows in the place. With the proprietor still covered he backed out the door.

He went down the main street to the residence of State Senator Frank Talcott on the outskirts of the village. Mrs. Kate Whaley, the senator's housekeeper, was ordered to open the door, but she refused and barricaded doors and windows. Meanwhile a posse was formed under the direction of the marshal. Fifty citizens were deputized. Some rode horses and others walked. All were armed.

When at Talcott's residence and the bandit had tried to force an entrance, Mrs. Whaley telephoned to the village for help and the posse started. The man saw the posse coming and ran west. The officers approached him and called on him to surrender. The man responded with a volley and the posse answered. Unable to overtake the fleeing man the posse continued firing. The outlaw fell. The officers rushed up and found him dead, a rifle bullet having pierced his brain.

Pembina Pioneer Express, 6/7/1912

Narrow Escape

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