Old-Time Bad Man


Assistant Supt. Mackinnon of the Breckenridge division of the Great Northern, with headquarters at Breckenridge, narrowly escaped serious injury, if not death, by falling between the depot platform and a fastly moving train Wednesday evening.

Mr. Mackinnon arrived in Havana from the west on extra No. 338 which was returning from Aberdeen where it had taken a train load of gravel for the new yards there. The extra sidetracked here for freight No. 335, due here at 4:25, but which was late Wednesday.

The extra backed out of the west switch at 9:15 and passed the depot at a fast clipp {sp}. Mr. Mackinnon was on the depot platform and attempted to board the moving train. He jumped for the head end of the caboose but missed it and fell between the depot platform and the moving car. Where the official fell the platform is open underneath and the roadbed inclines from the track toward the depot. In falling his right arm and leg extended out over the rail but he rolled down the embankment before the rear wheels of the car reached him. After the train had passed he got up without a scratch and remained decidedly cool for having had such a narrow escape.

There is only a small space between a car standing on the track and the platform and it was a narrow escape for the assistant superintendent. He probably owes his life to the fact that the depot platform is open underneath and the steep incline from the track. Mr. Mackinnon left on the passenger at 10:11 p. m., for Breckenridge.—Havana Record.

The Wahpeton Times, 6/6/1907

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