An Uncomfortable Chair

Doorstep Baby Now Has Home

Agaard Carlson, a bachelor who lives on his claim about eight miles north of town, found himself the possessor of a newly-born girl baby when he arose Monday morning, and not having any mother for the infant he was somewhat perplexed, as would be almost any other bachelor in a like predicament. The infant was not more than twenty-four hours old, wore no clothing whatsoever, being wrapped in an old blanket, and bore mute evidence that no physician had officiated at its birth. The child was temporarily cared for by Mrs. Humberg, a neighbor, but the little one now has a good home and is in the best of hands.

Mrs. Geo. W. Richardson had just lost her own babe five days after its birth, and, hearing of the occurence {sp}, prevailed upon her husband, who is justice of the peace for Beach civil township, to go after the child Tuesday. Mr. Richardson made the application to Justice J. P. Reeve for the custody of the bairn and obtained it and now has it in his home, with the intention of making it his by legal process. There is absolutely no clue to the parentage of the waif. The person who left it on Carlson's doorstep was evidently a young woman wearing a small, high-heeled shoe, who rode there on a shod horse, as was indicated by the tracks in both cases.

Golden Valley Chronicle, 6/10/1910

Peculiar Tragedy

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