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Novel Experience of John Anderson and Miss Pearl Fleming

Bowman, N. D., July 14.—Married by mistake, and a day ahead of their intentions, was the novel experience of John Anderson and Miss Pearl Fleming here.

They came to town to obtain a marriage license, and when informed by the county judge that they would, under the new law, need a doctor's certificate they immediately complied and returned to the judge's office.

Laboring under the impression that they desired to be wed at once, the judge propounded the usual questions, and pronounced them man and wife before they were aware that anything was taking place except that necessary procedure of obtaining a licens {sp}. When the truth dawned upon them they were taken by surprise and the bride exclaimed that all her pretty clothes that she expected to wear for her wedding had been left at home for use the following day when they really intended the ceremony should take place.

Bismarck Tribune, 7/15/1913

Sulphate of Strychnine

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