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Cleon Nash Will Be Cripple for Life as Result of Tramp Through Cold

Nature exacted a severe penalty from Cleon Nash, alleged self-confessed murderer of Clarence Hicks, of Robinson, when both of his feet were amputated just below the ankle in the Bismarck hospital this afternoon. In addition to being a cripple for the remainder of his life, Nash probably will also be terribly disfigured, as his nose suffered so severely from the frost that it is slowly sloughing away.

Nash surrendered to Sheriff T.A. Price of Kidder county the fore part of last week, after the alleged slayer had wandered for days in the biting cold, seeking some means of escape from the scene of his crime. He was brought to the Bismarck hospital late in the week, and today an amputation was found necessary to save his legs, the feet having been frozen so severely that there was no possibility in restoring life in them.

Nash seems to be a clean cut sort of fellow. He is taking his sufferings stoically, and he has won the sympathy of all who have come in contact with him. He may have been a murderer, but just now he is a human being in dire distress, and his courage and patience have made a favorable impression.

Bismarck Tribune, 12/26/1916

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