Kicked By A Colt

Woman Educator Pinned Beneath Car For Hours

Miss Aagot Raaen, Steele County Superintendent of Instruction, has Experience

Aneta, N.D., Dec. 5—Miss Aagot Raaen, Steele County superintendent of schools, lay pinned under her overturned Ford car for two hours before a traveling medicine vender {sic} chanced along and with the aid of a lifting jack raised the machine sufficiently to relieve her of the weight, which was slowly but surely crushing the breath from her body. Miss Raaen was by this time bleeding freely from the nose and mouth and, finding that he could not release her unaided, the peddler was forced to proceed some distance to obtain help. When the car was righted Miss Raaen found herself in condition to proceed on her journey, and, unless some internal injury should develop, she wll be none the worse for her terrifying experience.

Bismarck Tribune, 12-5-1917

Dutch Louis

Posted 12/05/2012