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Frank Kethman of Moorhead is Sentenced to Penitentiary

Fargo.—Frank Kethman was found guilty of murder in the second degree by the jury that sat on his case. The victinm, Dr. Thrond S Egge, was killed on the evening of labor day and suspicion fastened at once on Kethman as he had quarreled with the doctor earlier in the evening in a saloon. The murder was a most brutal one and was evidently committed by a crazy or an intoxicated man.

Kethman was held to a grand jury by the coroner's jury and the grand jury returned an indictment against him for the murder of Dr. Egge. The trial began on Nov. 19, and testimony was taken on the 24th. The trian consumed thirteen days and the jury was out fifteen hours. It returned a verdict of murder in the second degree.

Under the statutes of the state of Minnesota the penalty for second degree murder is life imprisonmnet, and this sentence Judge Taylor passed on him.

Turtle Mountain Star 12/9/1909

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