Wagon Tipped

The recent county election at Bismarck, D.T., the headquarters of the Northern Pacific railroad, resulted in the choice of Jack White, keeper of a dance house, for sheriff, and of Richards, an assistant in White's saloon, for register. The town is excited by a war between the soldiers of Fort Lincoln and the roughs. A soldier named King was murdered near Bismarck by a gambler known as Spotty Whalen. A few days after twenty or thirty soldiers attacked the dance house of Mullen & O'Neill and fired a volley, shooting Mullen through the brain. The occupants of the dance house returned the fire, killing Dalton, a cavalryman. Mullen had been tried before for the murder of a soldier, and acquitted. Another fight at the same saloon between soldiers and citizens did not result in bloodshed. It would seem that the troops stationed at Forth Lincoln are rather demoralized.

Troy (NY) Daily Times, 11/19/1873 (Source)

Shooting Match

Posted 12/13/2012