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Uncle Tom's Cabin Star Crazed By Fear of Manager, Runs Away and Hides Near Jamestown.

Jamestown, N.D., Aug. 19.—The crazy girl seen in the woods last week has shown up again and some of the people living in the vicinity of the round house claimed to have talked with her at a distance and one woman says she had a hold of her but that she escaped. Children playing about the place where she is concealed say that she appears quite often and that upon one occasion asked them to get her something to eat.

The foundation of the story seems to come from the visit here recently of Uncle Tom's Cabin show, the story going the rounds being something like this, and is told by a man who quit the company here.

The little girl was subbing for Little Eva and owing to the absence of the original played the part here. The manager of the company, the man states, was very cruel to her and that at times she has threatened to run away. She was told that if she left them, and was caught she would be killed. This threat coupled with abuse has unbalanced her mind. When the company played here one of the cars was sent to the round house for repairs. The girl's apartments being in this car, and about the time the car was ready to leave the shops she disappeared and has done her utmost to keep clear of every human being since.

Monday afternoon Alderman Blake accompanied by Josiah Pierson and two other men, visited the patch of weeds where it is said she has her hiding place and talked with two women, hoping to have seen her and they also searched the weeds but did not see the girl.

It seems that this matter should be looked into and if there is any truth in the matter the girl should be found and cared for.

Mr. Blake also visited a cornfield and searched there and found several ears of corn lying on the ground from which the corn had all been eaten, showing plainly that the girl must be in a terrible plight when she eats raw corn.

Bismarck Tribune, 8/20/1908


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