Licked Up Clean


The Laziest Man Known to Ward County is Forced to Leave the County Jail Thursday—Injured Eyesight Looking for Work.

Christ Randall, the Lazy Lout from Flaxton, was fired bodily from the Ward county jail Thursday. It is not often that a man has to be persuaded to leave jail but it was thus in the case of lazy Christ. He arrived in Flaxton a year and a half ago with $500 in gold. Where he got it, no one seems to know. He would not work. He just lay about the place and paid his board until the money was all gone. Then he acted queer. He played that he was a little off and he was sent to Minot to make a little more expense for the county. His royal highness arrived in this city December 12. He made his departure Thursday. He wanted to stay where he got plenty of wholesome food and a good warm place to sleep—and where there was no work, but Judge Murray caught onto the racket and started in on Christ in somewhat this manner:

"I hear that you have ruined your eyesight looking for work." Christ assured him that he had not. "I see that you are bothered with dropsy. You seem to be willing to drop most any place." Christ said he did not have the dropsy either. All he wanted was the county to buy him a ticket to Seattle. Judge Murray remarked that he did not have much gall and refused point blank to do anything for him. The fellow has not been seen about the court house since, but if he breaks into jail again, the county will set him loose on a big pile of wood and he will at least acquire a decent appetite.

Ward County Independent, 1/6/1904

Cuts Throat

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