Lazy Lout


Gilby, N. D., Oct. 16.—"I've cut my throat. I'm crazy," said Nels Palmquist, a transient, age 45, as Cameron Stewart, town constable broke into his room at Haley's hotel.

Palmquist was sitting on the window sill, as the constable entered. Blood was pouring from a deep gash in his throat, and from two similar wounds in the right temple.

When the officer came towards him, Palmquist tried to leap from the window, but Stewart caught him by the collar of his coat and pulled him back into the room.

Palmquist's wounds were dressed and he was brought to Grand Forks where he was lodged in the county jail. His hurts are not serious, and he is expected to recover. He told the authorities that he was subject to periodical fits of insanity.

Bismarck Tribune, 10/17/1913

Clara Brown

Posted 04/23/2016