The Occasion

Schafer Man Killed

Williston, N.D., Dec. 24.—Andrew L Omfordt, a well known citizen of Schafer, died at his home. His death was caused by internal injuries received by a wagon passing over his abdomen. Mr. Omfordt was driving home from this city and in going down a hill the horses got the start of him, in trying to get control of them he fell to the ground directly under the wogan {sp} and the hind wheels of the wagon passed over the body. After this he got upon his feet, caught the horses as they went up another hill and drove them home, which was a short distance from the place where the accident happened. He then put the horses in the barn and went into the house and laid upon the bed. One of the neighbor boys went into the house and found Mr. Omfordt in a very critical condition. Dr. Morris of Schafer was called, but nothing could be done for the injured man.

Williston Graphic, 12/30/1909

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