Little boy's Close Call.

Birch Reed, a Minot drayman, came within an ace of killing a little boy at the rear of the New York Store Friday morning. Mr. Reed was backing against the platform with a loaded wagon, when a little boy attempted to run between the wagon and the platform. Mr. Reed did not see him and the lad, seeing that he could not pass the wagon before it was upon him, turned and attempted to run back. A bolt on the wagon caught his forehead and forced his head close to the platform, inflicting a painful wound. Had not Mr. Reed whipped up his horses, the lad would have had his brains crushed out. The little boy fell to the ground almost senseless, but got up and ran away crying before Mr. Reed could ascertain his name.

Ward County Independent, 11/11/1903

The Occasion

Posted 12/17/2014