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A North Dakota Cashier Was Handy With His Gun.

London, N. D., Nov. 1.—A desparate attempt was made to rob the Citizens' bank at this place. Three men, looking like farm hands, entered and pointed revolvers at Cashier Bradley and demanded money. There was some gold and silver on the counter near the window and one of the men reached over and took it. It amounted to only a few dollars. Cashier Bradley at the same moment got under the desk and two men entered the bank. The robbers fired two shots, which did not take effect, and ran for the door. Cashier Bradley followed with the revolver and shot one of the robbers twice. He died an hour later, saying that his name was Chris Hanson and that he and his companions were farm laborers out of work. The other two jumped into a buggy and drove towards Cando.

Bismarck Tribune, 11/3/1893

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