DeWitt, the Youthful Shooting Artist Gives Confession and Biography

Minot, N.D., March 1.— Young Jow DeWitt, who is charged with attempt to kill John Larson near Coteau where he broke into the house and stole an overcoat and other articles of clothing, is now in the Ward County jail awaiting his trial in the district court.

He was given a preliminary hearing at Bowbells and was bound over. He is a young man and claims that he did not intend to commit murder or to kill the man at whom he shot.

Deputy Sheriff Dick Steinhofer brought him to Minot and recovered all of the goods that he had stolen except a few handkerchiefs and some underclothes.

Among other things relative to his past life, he said: "I know nothing of my real parents. As far back as I can remember, I was in an orphan's home in Minneapolis when Louise DeWitt took me to Jamestown, N.D., when I was 4 years old. Later we came to Williams county and I lived with them on a ranch about six years. I went to school at Jamestown for a short time, but never since.

About two years ago I left home because I had to work so hard, taking care of a bunch of horses and cattle. I came to Bowbells and worked for a while then went to work for Billy Hughes south of Coteau. The reason I left there was because I had nothing but pancakes to live on and had to get my own meals, and I got tired of that and went to Coteau Saturday night and met John Larson and I said to myself. 'I am going to do something dirty tonight' and I went back and put on some of his clothes, and when I got them on I heard some one in the shed say 'Is there anyone in there?' and I was so scared I didn't know what I was doing and fired. I had no intention of killing him. I was not after money, only clothes. I should have come to town instead of going to old man DeWitt's, nineteen miles west of Ambrose, where the officers came for me. I did not try to get away; I knew I couldn't. My true name is Joseph Buckley, and I don't know anything of my real parents and I don't know what became of them."

Grand Forks Evening Times, 3/1/1909

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