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Gasoline is Tinder.

Explosion in Stove Hurls Man Across Room.

Mistaking gasoline for kerosene, Thomas Bell, living near Willow City, had a narrow escape from death by the explosion which followed the ignition of the fluid.

Bell was starting a fire in the kitchen stove and poured a cupful of fluid from a can supposed to be kerosene. He emptied this upon the kindling in the stove and applied a match. There was a terrific explosion and the man was blown across the room, striking against the outer wall of the house. His face was scorched and his hair and beard burned off, but it is not believed that he sustained any serious injuries.

It appears that the family had occasion to use gasoline for cleaning purposes and forgot to inform Bell that the cans had been changed.

Wahpeton Times, 3/14/1907

Five Women

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