First Bath


Fargo, N.D., March 1—Jealusy {sp} over a woman is said to have been the cause of a shooting affray on the south bridge.

Two colored men and a colored woman were the principals. Both men were seeking the favor of taking the young woman home. They became heated in their arguments and evidently one of the men was held in a little higher esteem than his rival as the woman drew a revolver from her waist and fired at the man who made a "crowd" in the party of two.

Both men fled at this sign of the woman's temper, one man going towards Moorhead and the other man making for the darkness and oblivion of "Shanty Town."

When the police arrived on the scene all three of the people had departed and investigation failed to discover their whereabouts.

It is not believed that any one was injured in the shooting.

Grand Forks Evening Times, 3/1/1909


Posted 03/17/2015