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McKenzie Bell Hop Is Jailed

James Crawley, who has been employed at the McKenzie hotel, as night bell boy, was arrested last month after charges had been made that he insulted women.

Crawley was brought before Judge W.L. Nuessie in district court yesterday and pleaded guilty. Ed Allen prosecuted the case for the state.

The judge listened to Crawley's story and decreed that he should be confined to the county jail for 20 days, and in addition intimated rather plainly that at the expiration of that time he might leave Bismarck on the first train.

Thus Ed Patterson lost another employee. But then on the other hand Edward Watts, a former employee of Ed's and who pitched a ball game for Sterling team Tuesday night was discharged from the jail this week.

Bismarck Tribune, 8/5/1920

Painful Bruises

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