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Murderous Person Attempts to Kill Lonely Farmer While He Sleeps.

Fargo Forum: An almost successful attempt was made to assassinate G.F. Belter while he was sleeping in his claim shanty in the Turtle Mountains northeast of Dunseith. Two shots were fired from a shotgun and the first one tore the pillow on which he was lying into shreds, but none of the shot struck his head or face. The second charge passed a foot over his body as he lay on the bed. Mr. Belter got up and investigated; but in the darkness was unable to locate any one, the shanty being situated a mile from any neighbors. Mr. Belter is well liked in the neighborhood by the settlers and is the attempt on his life is a {illegible to end}...

The Bismarck Daily Tribune, 6/9/1905

Took Up A Revolver

Posted 08/22/2012