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Stutsman County Man Established Himself Behind Arsenal.

Jamestown, N.D., Feb. 3.—Charles Daede, who lives near Yysilanti, {sp} and believed to be insane, has barricaded him {sp} home and rooms and backed it up with an arsenal and ammunition sufficient to withstand a long seige in order to prevent himself from being arrested by Sheriff Romer, who for several months has a warrant for his arrest.

Daede believes he is being pursued by soldiers and has surrounded his house and barn with a barbwire entanglement and barricade ten feet high that is formidable. As he is a large and powerful young man his taking into custory {sp} is a matter for careful consideration and thought. He holds fort at home and has not appeared in Ypsilanti for some time and declines to talk to anyone except the members of his family, who visit him and keep watch over him, but do not stay there.

An attempt, made yesterday, to arrest Daede, resulted in the sheriff being driven off at the muzzle of a shot gun.

Grand Forks Evening Times, 2/3/1912


Officers Bind Him and Take Away a Gun and Long Knife.

Jamestown.—Charles Daede, an insane man, who has kept the Ypsilanti neighborhood in terror for months, and has defied the officers to arrest him, was taken by the deputy sheriff. The officers and two others caught the man from behind and had him bound before any violence resulted, although he was armed with a long knife and had a shotgun a few feet away in his buggy.

Ward County Independent, 5/9/1912


Jamestown, N.D., March 22.—After terrorizing the neighborhood about his home near Ypsilanti, this county, for several months by frequently flourishing firearms and barricading his house, Charles Daede, an insane man, was captured Monday morning as he was trying to telephone from his home town to this city to inquire about a number of battleships he declared he had ordered to carry on his warfare. Deputy Sheriff Gibson was notified that the man was in town and with two assistants grappled with Daede, who is of unusually powerful build.

The insane man was thrown to the floor before he could make any resistance {and} was securely bound with a strap. A long knife was later found in his clothes and a short distance away he had a shotgun in his wagon.

Daede was an inmate of the asylum here some time ago but was later discharged. Several months ago he showed further signs of mental derangement, his mind running principally to firearms. He gathered a small arsenal of different kinds of guns and revolvers in his farm home and whenever he appeared outside of the grounds was conspicuously armed. The premises have also been fortified like a citadel, a high barbwire fence with numerous cross wires enclosing all his buildings.

These actions and his wandering talk of war and defenses resulted in complaints from the frightened neighbors and a warrant for the man's arrest. The sheriff and a deputy from this city went to arrest him on this warrant, but after being refused admittance and chopping to pieces the two doors they met Daede with a shotgun levelled at them. The officers left at once and no shooting occurred, but it was decided to postpone his arrest until warmer weather when it was hoped he could be caught by stratagem and violence avoided.

Daede was brought into county court this afternoon and after an examination committed to the asylum. During the hearing he said he had ordered a number of battleships from Washington.

Devils Lake Inter-Ocean, 3/22/1912

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