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Broke Into Schoolhouse and Held Midnight "Parties" to Own Satisfaction

(Special to The Tribune.)

Ray, N.D., April 2.—The midnight "feeds" have come to an abrupt end, and one of the toughest gang of youngsters has been broken by officials of this city and members of the schoolboard.

There will be no more sliding down the coal shute into the schoolhouse or forcing the doors or the windows of the building pen {sp}. Once inside the gang, consisting of 12 to 17 fellows, would prepare midnight suppers for "parties" in the domestic science room.

Last Saturday night they became wild. They grew wilder every hour. The members of the gang broke furniture, broke open the teacher's desks, ruined the typewriter owned by Professor Towell, besides leaving crumbs and other articles on the desks of the school children.

An investigation was ordered by the members of the schoolboard. A few were singled out and confessed the story which led to the arrest of the membership of the gang.

Bismarck Tribune, 4/2/1917

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