Dropped Dead

Shot Proved Fatal

Bowbell Tribune: Geo. Carlisle a young man from near Pleasant who was accidentally shot by the premature discharge of a gun in the hands of a companion, Chas. Ennis, while hunting wolves near the Mouse River one day recently, died at Kenmare last night as a result of his injuries. The charge of shot struck the injured man in the hip, tearing a hole about nine inches long. In this condition he was taken to Kenmare, a distance of twenty-four miles, in a sleigh, before a doctor could be reached. He was attended by Drs. Windell and Rainvelle of Kenmare, who removed a large number of shot and particles of clothing from the wound, and later on, the patient becoming worse Dr. Windell was called from Minot, but despite all their efforts and care, death seemed inevitable as the charge of shot scattered premisculously {sp} through the man's body, and death came to his releif {sp} last evening.

Ward County Independent, 2/25/1903

Ed. note: I believe the repetition of the surname "Windell" was an error.

Brothers Set Out

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