Box Car

While driving out west of town last Monday we stopped at the farm of Uncle George Ganley for the purpose of taking a peep at the now famous flowing well on his premises, and found it indeed a wonder. The well was put down by C. A. Lind about six weeks ago, and at that time it was generally supposed the flow would be but temporary, the force at that time throwing water several feet over an inch pipe the top of which was four feet above the surface of the ground. The flow continues, however, and is now more than can be carried away through a five-eighths inch pipe. The water is clear and apparently pure, and a large trough into which it is conveyed is a great convenience for those living in the vicinity at which to water stock, etc. Uncle George values the well highly, and well he may.

Bowbells Tribune, 9/28/1906


Posted 09/30/2017