Horrible Death


A Young Lad at Fargo Meets A Tragic Fate.

A young boy not over 17 years of age was murdered at Fargo Monday night about 10 o'clock in a car near the Milwaukee crossing, and the authorities do not know who the murderer is. The surroundings of the crime are mysterious but there is every indication that there was trouble between two or more men, as there were eight or ten bullet holes in the side of the car, and on the floor of the car there were signs of a fight.

The young man claiming to be the dead boy's partner gave his name as Walter Douglas, and says the murdered lad's name is Johnnie Quinn. He claims to have lived near Quinn in San Francisco and to have been with him since Friday last. They had been threshing together.

Douglas states that they got into the car and were sleeping when about 9 o'clock they were awakened and some man wanted to come in the car. They got out and the man got in. They thought that they would get in again and go to sleep, when the man in the car began to fire a revolver. Quinn got in the car first and Douglas afterwards. Douglas does not remember anything about the affair except that the man kept on firing until he had fired at least seven shots. Douglas says he ran to call for help at a nearby house and alarmed the police in town. There were four men sleeping in the next car who said there had been a row during the afternoon, when some seven shots had been fired. All the parties were arrested. The lad killed was fairly well educated. He did not have a cent in his pocket.

Jamestown Weekly Alert, 9/16/1897

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