Loss Of Voice

There was a young man living at Sims a few days ago, who has since left the town on the strong advice of his neighbors. His name was Robert Atwell, and his chief fault seemed to be that he allowed his tongue to wag too freely about citizens and their families. The habit he had got a little monotonous, and a few days ago there were ominous whispers floating around that he was to be tarred and feathered. All arrangements were made, but it was decided that if he took everything back on his knees, and left the county, he would be spared the proposed indignity. A meeting was arranged for and held in the large room of the hotel. All the surrounding country was represented. John Warn, who lives twelve miles from Sims, was on hand and presided with ability as Chairman. The proceedings were formal and well conducted. The culprit was informed that if he did not go down on his knees and apologize for all he had falsely said, he would be tarred and feathered and perhaps hung. He took it all back, and with tears in his eyes promised to leave the county. Everything was satisfactorily arranged, and a committee with power to act was instructed to see him off on the next train. Atwell has not been seen in Morton county since. He is now supposed to be on the Pacific coast..

Dickinson Press, 10/5/1889

Several Somersaults

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