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Escape Cleverly From the Pembina Jail and Leave No Clue

Grand Forks, N.D., Feb 12—News was received here today of a daring escape from the county jail at Pembina of Joseph O'Neill and Edwin Ross, the two men held under heavy bonds for blowing up the safe in the Great Northern depot at Walhalla and the looting of a jewelry store there. The men made their escape at 6:30 Tuesday evening. They were kept in a cell which opened by a sliding bar. This cannot be operated from the inside, unless unusual methods are used. The prisoners tied a cord to the bar and fixed it so that the cord could be reached in the cell. They asked Sheriff Roadhouse to get them a pail of water and when he left they pulled the bar, opened the cell door and ran out. The jail door had been left unlocked by the sheriff. In the darkness they eluded the sheriff.

Bismarck Daily Tribune, 2-14-1908

Saved By Dog

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