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N. D. Farmer Is Brutally Murdered

Upham, N. D., Feb. 16. A murder of the most brutal nature was revealed today when the body of James Schroeder, aged 43 years, a bachelor farmer residing four miles from this city, was found in a haystack.

The murder evidently was committed in the barn, and the dead body hauled by the murderer to the haystack, half a mile distant, near the Mouse river, the evident intention being to conceal the crime as long as possible.

There is only a slight clue as to the murderer, but the county authorities are busy on the case. The bringing something of a sensation, Schroeder was well and favorably known here, and it was not known that he had any enemies in this section.

From the fact that the body was hauled from the barn to the haystack in a sleigh, it is believed that the murderer is a resident of this section of the county.

Bismarck Daily Tribune, 2/17/1911

Sheriffs Look For Murderers

Bottineau, N.D., Feb 17. The sheriffs of Bottineau and McHenry counties are scouring the country between Bottineau and Towner, hunting for the murderer of William Schroeder, whose dead body was found on the county line near Kramer with the head shot off and from the blood prints in the snow it had been dragged into McHenry County, where it was found concealed in an old straw stack.

Bismarck Daily Tribune, 2/18/1911

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