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Sick Family is Saved By Dog

Goodrich, N.D., Feb. 16. As if by an act of Providence a stray dog happened to seek admission to the farm home of Martin Franzen, near here, just in time to save the family and farm stock from much suffering and perhaps death.

The entire family had been ill and without proper medical aid or proper food for several days when the dog arrived. The dog was called in, a note telling of their distress was tied to his collar and then the animal was turned loose again.

The dog went straight to his home, but his master, W.N. Jones, a farmer, did not discover the note until next day. He immediately hastened to the Franzen place and arrived at a critical moment. He gave every assistance possible to the family and also to the starving live stock.

Bismarck Daily Tribune, 1/17/1911

Tried Suicide

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