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An Insane Woman.

St. Paul, Jan. 26.—Judge McGrorty found Mrs. Mary E. Medbury, 35 years of age, insane, and ordered her to be committed to St. Peter. The woman says she was born in Hamburg, New York, and afterwards moved to Oshkosh, and then to Fargo. She has three living children, who are in the care of their father, who obtained a divorce from her in Fargo one year ago, his name being Charles L Medbury. The character of the insanity is stated by the physicians to be erotomania. The unfortunate claims that she was born anew after dying a few days ago, and now is directed by spirit revelations. She is aware of her delusion and seeks to be cured. She has of late been stopped at the Home for the Friendless.

Bismarck Tribune, 2/1/1884


Posted 02/09/2015