May Be Arson

An intoxicated farmer from near Vernon was dragged to death by his horses while driving home from White Rock last night. We have been unable to learn his name.

Hankinson News, 2/8/1906


Monday evening of last week Henry Hamann, living about four miles east of White Rock, S.D., in Minnesota, met with an accident from which he died Tuesday evening about 7 o'clock.

Monday Mr. Hamann was at White Rock in a buggy with a spirited team. It was about dark when he left for home, and just east of town at a cross prairie road which he generally took for home, was a ditch to cross. It is surmised when the team crossed the ditch Mr. Hamann was thrown forward over the dashboard, his feet were caught under the seat and his body fell head downward between the whiffle trees and the axle, in which condition the unfortunate man was dragged to his home frozen and mangled almost beyond recognition. The horses started on the run when they struck the ditch, and the deceased was dragged head downward, bumping the hard frozen ground until the top of his head was worn away, blotches of blood, bunches of hair and flesh being found on the ground over the road which the horses took in their mad flight.

Undoubtedly Mr. Hamann never suffered any as it is supposed that he was knocked senseless when he struck the ground and never regained consciousness again before he died. The deceased leaves a wife and nine children to mourn his untimely death.

Hankinson News, 2/15/1906

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